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About Our Product 

The Glue Sponge system is a new innovative way to glue without the mess! 

Our acid free glue sponge system is safe for all types of  arts and craft projects. It provides an easy, neat and more efficient gluing application than traditional glue bottles, sticks or pens. The glue is super tacky, so you don't need to over apply. Our sponge is made of synthetic sponge to hinder mold and bacteria growth, unlike cellulose sponge that is made of wood fibers which can help mold and bacteria grow. The Glue Sponge makes it easy to create your own chipboard for the 3-D look, hold buttons, small wood pieces, rope and sequences in place. 

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Benefits of The Glue Sponge 

  • Eliminates bumps, lumps and wrinkles 

  • Helps prevent too much glue on your project

  • Works great for gluing small or thin, delicate die cuts

  • Easy for children to use

  • Mold and bacteria thrive off of organic materials such as paper or wood. 

  • Plastic container is 100% recyclable

  • Made with a synthetic sponge

The Glue Sponge is Easy to Use 



First Press!

Place the material that you want to apply glue on top of the sponge. Then, gently press the material onto the Glue Sponge. The sponge will evenly coat the back of the material in glue.


Then Lift!

As you lift the material, any excess glue will be absorbed back into the Glue Sponge. This will leave a nice thin layer of glue on your material. Plus, less glue is wasted from over gluing.

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Now Apply!

Now just stick the glued material onto the desired spot on your project. Notice how clean the project looks when using the Glue Sponge system.


Now You Have a Nice Project with No More Glue Mess!